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Trophy Whitetail Hunts

Pete Smith - owner, It has been Pete's passion and family tradition to pass down hunting to all of us. We have been able to hunt together for many years my father in law (78) included. It's his passion that drives the business forward. His famous quotes he likes to tell us " If you like what your doing you'll never work a day in your life." and "Remember folks next time you go out on an outdoor adventure don't measure it by kills or bag limits, it's time spent with others that really matters."

Tania Smith - owner, You will find her cooking, baking, cleaning, in the office, in the barn, bottling, in the store, hunting, fishing or any where you call her name!

Buck Smith - We like to call him the entertainer!

Buck also has showed an interest in hunting at a young age. He has been on many hunting trips and also has harvested some trophy whitetails over the last few years. You can usually find him around telling a story, riding a dirt bike, hunting, fishing or working in the shop selling something to someone!

Peter and Precious Smith -

Peter was 2 yrs. old when we started the business. He use to help bottle raise the deer. He took interest in hunting at very young age and has harvested many animals in different states and countries since he was 10. At 16 he met Precious and his passion for hunting rubbed off on her and the rest is history! They enjoy each other and hunt together. They have their own filming crew and gig Hooked with Precious and Pete. They work guiding, and selling Killbuck Scents and Lures.

Meet the Staff at Creekside Outdoors

About Us

First let's start with the name, It comes from Killbuck, NY the year is 1938 which was the first year of whitetail hunting in NY state. Pete's grandfather Nick Smith shot his first 8 point buck there. That is how Killbuck Scents came about as a product name. We started raising whitetail deer to sell fresh scents and lures in May of 1996 out of our garage. We started with 10 bottled raised fawns. The next year we built a barn and collection facility. We field tested our products giving it to family and friends with great success. After 2 years we sold our brand new house, barn etc. to buy more acres to expand our business which is exactly where we are today. Creekside Outdoors is now the home of Creekside Hunting Ranch - which is affordable trophy whitetail hunts, elk, fallow deer and rams. Creekside Whitetails - home to the breeding and selling of whitetail deer.