"Blazing Trails" - Interdigital Gland

Ever wonder why you see Whitetail deer trails? Well it comes from the interdigital gland located between the hooves of the front and back legs of a buck or doe. A buck will secrete this gland to make a territory marking and a doe will use it for her fawns. A lot of times people will think a fawn is abandoned by its mother but its not by secreting the Interdigital glands she knows exactly where she has hidden her young. UseBlazing Trails  on drag lines and in mock scrapes or scrapes you find. Also use inconjunction withThe Boss, Full Throttleand Eye Denity for a powerhouse blend.

Product Line  All of our scents are fresh to guarantee our customers the best quality.

KILLBUCK SCENTS "Straight from the farm"

"The Boss" - Buck Tarsal Gland

Send that buck on a seek and destroy mission! Tarsal gland is excreted when a buck rubs the gland found on the inside of the hind legs together. During the rut a buck will make a scrape and urinate as he rubs the glands together in the scrap to say "Here I am" Use The Boss with Full Throttle to make mock scrapes along with

Eye Denityon branches during the pre-rut season.

100 % pure whitetail deer urine, collected fresh throughout the day and kept under refrigeration to preserve freshness.We have been a major wholesaler for over 15 years and now we are offering the public the freshest whitetail scents on the market. Unlike the others, we offer scents straight from the farm which guarantees you the best product on the market. We understand how important it is to not only use Scents as a lure but to also cover human odor. When buying from us you are buying "Straight from the Farm"!

"Acorn Scent-sation" - Acorn Cover Scent

What better way to cover human scent by smelling like the elements. Use as a cover scent and curiosity scent alone or withApple Scent-sationandDirty Deeds.

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"To provide a superior product which exceeds our customers expectations 

created by hunters for hunters to help achieve the hunt of a lifetime."

"Dirty Deeds" - Earth Cover Scent

Once again we have nailed it with ourDirty Deeds earth cover scent to keep you smelling dirty! Use as a cover scent on scent pads, boots and clothes. Can be used alone or with Apple Scent-sationorAcorn Scent-sation​.

"Horny Doe" - Doe in Estrus

Spark his interest with ourHorny Doeestrus. It is collected from does in the full estrus cycle. Use this scent during peek rut with drag lines, scent canisters, scent wicks and scrapes.

Creekside Outdoors Whitetail Deer Scents

"Jane Doe" - Doe Urine

Our doe urine is collected from mature does not in estrus. Use as a cover scent early season by drag lines, scent canisters and scent wicks. DO NOT use as a cover scent on yourself. It is very dangerous to place any of our scent products on yourself. A deer could mistake you for you and charge.

"Full Throttle" - Buck urine

If you need an all season curiosity scent or a scent to get that big buck fired up during the rut then you needFull Throttle. It is collected from mature bucks not fawns and you can use all season. Works well with Horny Doe, drag lines and scrapes.

"Eye  Denity" - Preorbitial Gland

Buck Identification 101.... bucks secrete scents from the Preorbital glands found in the corner of the eye on to licking branches to identify each other. Use this with

Full Throttleto make mock scrapes and place on branches near by or on branches by rubs.

"Enticer" - Curiosity Attractant Scent

Over the past 4 years, we have been developing and field testing our own one of a kind curiosity attractant scent. The Enticer was created with a precise mixture of our scents to keep deer relaxed and lure them in for that perfect shot! Use all season.

Only available at Killbuck Scents

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"Apple Scent-sation"- Apple Cover Scent

With over 15 years of experience Apple Scent-sationhas been a proven blend. Use as a cover scent and curiosity scent. Place around your treestand or pour in a spot on the ground. Can be used alone or withAcorn Scent-sationandDirty Deeds.